A long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

After a good few years working in numerous dead end building jobs and roadying for some punk bands, before running a small construction firm, Wurz decided that he’d rather not work for a living any more, preferring to draw, read comics and listen to what can only be described as an ear melting racket.

Wurz began tattooing in 1995 under the watchful eye of Scrow, after a couple of chance meetings where it was soon discovered that the pair of neer-do-wells had an awful lot in common, from a love of tattooing to some decidedly dodgy Chinese action movies. What followed over the next three years was going to be the blueprint for the future…

Wurz was comfortable trying his hand at every style of tattooing but soon discovered that he was happiest doing black and grey style ranging from full on Japanese pieces and bio mechanics to portrait work, with a healthy dose of comic strip style horror work along the way. Since then, with a lot of water running under the bridge, he’s managed to adapt his style to include religious, historical and pretty much any other style of tattooing that you’d care to mention, although if he was being honest he’d be the first to admit that he’s not massively into traditional style tattooing. Not a problem in the shop however as the other boys love that kind of thing!!

He’s worked at conventions all over the UK and in Europe, somehow managing to pick up some national and international awards along the way, along with being pleasantly surprised to find his work in numerous tattoo publications, and gracing former rock stars, babestation models and a good deal besides although nowadays he’s happiest in the shop, grafting as hard as possible to try and realize his clients’ tattoo dreams for them in whatever style they want- according to Wurz, its not about what he wants to do, its all about what the client wants him to do…

Rather than spending his time reminiscing about the golden days of tattooing, wurz sets his sights firmly towards the future, looking forwards to whatever comes in through the door next, whilst trying to concentrate equally hard on whatever he’s doing at the time. Who said blokes can’t multitask!!!


As to not working for a living, well, wurz reckons he probably works harder these days than ever, but since he absolutely loves what he does, day in and day out, he figures its not really work so it doesn’t count…



If we cross the yawning chasm of countless millennia, we would return to 1977 and find a 15 year old boy stabbing his arm with an ink drenched compass in a rather boring history lesson.

Thus did Scrow embark on a journey into the tattoo profession, at a time when apprenticeships were practically unheard of, and the only way into the trade involved a helluva lot of hard work, trial and error, with begged, borrowed, stolen or homemade machines……some more trial and error, more hard work, some rather unsavory characters, living in squats, the punk uprising and even more hard work.

Over the next decade, plus a couple of years our hero tattooed a vast cast of characters in a variety of locations around the UK before it came to pass that he would settle in Brighton. Working from a private studio where he quickly gained a reputation for beautiful fantasy art, ultra precise single needle work and very clean Celtic pieces. There was an awful lot of tribal too, but hey, it was the 90’s.

A couple of chance meetings with some freaky yokel and Scrow found himself in the position of mentor, bringing on a young (but bitterly cynical) Wurz and teaching him the ways of the world and how to tattoo.

From here it was a small leap into the present shop, where Scrow really slipped into his stride, turning out piece after piece of quality tattooing covering the broadest spectrum of styles. Rather than specialising in a particular style, Scrow has always enjoyed tattooing pretty much any kind of style or subject you’d care to mention, always to a high standard and always with a Scrow twist to it.

Scrow has had work published in publications such as “Skin Deep”, “the Tattoo Bible”, “Bizarre” and the “Skin Show” series of books to name but a few….one of his customers also ended up in a more esoteric publication or two, but you’d have to ask him about that. Go on…..ask him!

Preferring not to sit on his many laurels, Scrow continues to move with the times and now finds himself tattooing a wide range of art from fluid biomechanics and portraiture to beautifully colourful wildlife pieces by way of art nouveau and traditional Japanese.

He’s tattooed page 3 girls, budding rock stars, actors, hippies, bikers, bank managers, builders, doctors, Mum’s, Dad’s and their offspring, punks and rockers alike. Always showing the same attention to detail, artistic flair and care to one and all whilst striving to push his artistic horizons to the max and continues to enjoy a reputation for quality and care whilst keeping a weather eye on the future of tattooing’s horizon.