What are your opening hours?

We are open Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am Ė 6pm. We are closed Sundays and Mondays. Itís always a good idea to call us though before coming down just to check we are here.


How old must I be to get tattooed?

You MUST be 18 years or over to get tattooed. Upon booking your appointment you may be asked to provided a photo I.D. (passport or Drivers license are the only I.Dís we accept)

Please note that tattoo studioís are adult environments, therefore you must be 18 or over to enter our studio.


Can I provide parental/guardian consent to be tattooed if I am under 18?

NO. It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18.


How much will my tattoo cost?

We donít give quotes over the phone or via email/facebook. The best thing to do is to come in for a consultation and we can have a chat about your requirements, and give you a rough idea as to how long it is likely to take. Small to medium size pieces we can give a quote for larger work is on an hourly rate. Also if you are willing the shop apprentice may be able to give you a set price for smaller tattoos.

Our minimum charge is £40.



Do you do consultations?

Yes, absolutely, we prefer to meet you and discuss your tattoo needs. Consultations can be made by calling or emailing the shop to check that someone will be available to chat with you. When you come, please bring with you as much reference as you have to help us understand your design requirements.


Can you draw up a design for me before I make my final decision?

We only start drawing once an appointment is booked. However if seeing a drawing before making an appointment will help, weíll be happy to work on that, however a drawing fee will be required. This fee will go towards your tattoo appointment should you decide to get tattooed. Drawing feeís are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you would like to see examples of our work please ask or check out the gallery on this website or our facebook group page 'here'


Can you send me a design?

No, we discuss designs in person only.


Do I need to make an appointment?

YES. We do accept walk ins but it will depend on availability.


How do I book an appointment?

We book appointments in person only, as we like to discuss your design first and require a cash deposit to secure the appointment.

However if you live outside of Brighton/UK we can conduct a consultation via email, with the deposit being meet via cheque, once the cheque has cleared we will make the appointment date with you.

Deposits are left for a reason. We consider it a confirmation from you that you are committed to your appointment, the design and us. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE, so please be 110% sure about your booking.



Can I book an appointment over the phone or online?

NO. We need to see you in person as we require a cash deposit for all appointments. Only under some circumstances will we offer the option of booking over the phone or via email. (Please read above)



Once booked, can I change or cancel my appointment or get a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, you can however change your appointment with 3 days notice, otherwise you will lose your deposit and will have to rebook and make a new deposit. No more than 2 appointment changes are allowed before the deposit is lost. A no-show may result in a larger deposit being required when rebooking. Please call the shop or come in to cancel or change an appointment.


Can I pay by Card?

Sorry but we only accept CASH. Like pirates!


Do you tattoo necks or hands?

We will but only if you are heavily tattooed and over 25.


Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do! They start at £40 and are valid for upto 3 months. Come on in and get one for a friend or family member.


Do you do piercing or brandings?

Sorry no, we just love the ink. We can however recommend some places


Do tattoos hurt?

YES! And donít believe anyone who says any different. However you will survive. Everybody feels something differently. Most folk get used to it after a few minutes.


Can I bring someone with me?

We allow 1 person to come with you and they must be over the age of 18 also, as it is an adult environment.