Shop Bio

Tattooing at Gunpoint is Hove's longest established tattoo studio, having been based on the seafront in the heart of Hove since July 1998 after moving from our original private studio after 3 frantically busy years of saying 'We really need to get a shop' When the time was right to open a shop, we decided from the off that we wanted to work in the kind of studio that we'd want to be tattooed in, a clean, friendly and laid back environment where the emphasis would be on giving the tattoo that the customer actually requested rather than trying to impose our own egos on them. We wanted to see our customers leaving the shop with massive smiles on their faces, either from getting exactly what they were after in the first place, or from us exceeding their expectations and giving them more than they expected!!


The shop, like the tattooing industry as a whole has been through many changes, adapting at every stage in order to move with the times yet still fulfilling the original mission brief, along the way having our work proudly displayed in such publications as 'Skin Deep' and 'Total Tattoo', along with the 'Skin Shows' series of books. We worked plenty of conventions, even garnering national and international awards along the way, although we tend not to work conventions nowadays, preferring to prioritize our customers here instead. We might be getting too old for the hectic travelling life too, but aren't quite ready to admit that yet Comfortable with all styles of work, we really do believe that our only limitation is your imagination!!

Scrow Wurz